Fire Crisis at Budget Meetings

Fire Crisis at Budget Meetings

First and foremost, I want to extend my thanks to all of you who have participated in the recent community budget meetings. Your presence in gold Fire Crisis shirts and voices of those who have spoke have made a significant impact. Our community is more aware of the challenges we face in helping them during their time of need and undoubtedly will support our efforts moving forward.

The outcomes of these discussions will soon reveal if our efforts have influenced the allocation of additional resources in next year’s budget. We also continue to engage with our elected leaders to emphasize the critical need for more fire trucks and firefighters now, despite the budgetary challenges the city is anticipating. We understand that it is unlikely the city will ever be in a place that it is a “good time” to add the trucks and firefighters we are short. We cannot remain silent and watch this issue be continually deferred. The negative impact of the current call volume on our members and the community has become too significant to ignore.

For further insights, check out the videos below of some of our members who spoke at these meetings:

Additionally, there are two more opportunities next week to make our voices heard, and we could greatly use your support:

  1. District 2/3 - Monday, April 15, 6pm - 3546 E. Sweetwater (Contact Below)
    • Scott Crowley: 602-571-3982
    • Tim Knobbe: 602-370-1008
  2. District 4/5 - Tuesday, April 16, 6pm - 4420 N. 51st Ave (Contact Below)
    • Elliott Simmons: 520-251-2169

If you need a Fire Crisis shirt to wear to these meetings, they are available for pickup at the union office. Please contact me directly before you come to ensure we still have your size available, as our stock is running low in some sizes.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment! Taking on this fight together will make a huge difference.

Ben Lindquist, Executive VP

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