Fire Crisis Membership Involvement

Fire Crisis Membership Involvement

Yesterday, Bryan addressed the City Council to shed light on the urgent needs of our Fire Department. You can catch a clip of his speech on Instagram by clicking here or on Facebook here.

As a membership, we must mobilize to raise awareness in the community about the challenges we face in delivering service. Our members are get crushed by the increasing volume of calls, which directly impacts response times. Despite these challenges, our resilient members have continuously found ways to "make it work" and uphold our commitment to serving the community. This dedication is reflected in our consistently high approval ratings.

While we should take pride in our approval rating and the community's appreciation for our work, it's crucial to acknowledge that our resources haven't kept pace with the city's growth. The community needs to understand the impact of this resource shortfall on them.

Here are ways you can help:

Spread Awareness: Download and share the Fire Crisis flyer with City of Phoenix residents here. If you're a resident yourself, consider sending an email to your council representative. Remember to maintain respectfulness in your communications.

Volunteer for Opportunities: Sign up here to be contacted about opportunities such as delivering yard signs, speaking at community budget hearings, and other Fire Crisis-related activities. (Residency in Phoenix is not required.)

Please join us in spreading the word about Fire Crisis so we can continue advocating for more trucks, firefighters, and stations to better serve our community!

Thank you for your support and dedication.

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