Peak Time Rescues

Peak Time Rescues

In last week’s Captains meetings, it was announced that the PFD would begin the process of converting some of our existing, Part Time, CM rescues to full-time, fully staffed units. It is no secret to anyone how incredibly busy our rescues are currently. For a city our size, we currently lack the necessary amount of full-time rescues to adequately manage our need for them. This results in increased response times, sub-par service and an unhealthy/unsafe workload for our members.

Obviously, the addition of full-time rescues is a very good thing for us, but we have also heard from members who have concerns about “giving up” the PT CM rescue spots that not only give our members overtime opportunity but also help supplement our services during peak times.

The concerns about removal of PT rescues are entirely valid and our intention is to address the matter of PT rescues within MOU negotiations which are currently underway. To add full-time rescues and at the same time ensure PT rescues opportunities are protected would be a win-win for everyone. That is our goal.

Within this process, we are also attempting to balance the ERP against CM PT rescues that are regularly not staffed due to a lack of members signing up to work. We will use data to share our position with mgt in hopes of the best possible result.

As negotiations continue, we will be sure to convey all the information that we can to keep you apprised of our progress. As always, L493 E-Board members are available to answer any questions or hear concerns.

Rescue conversions will be discussed at the Deployment Meeting on February 14th at 1300. This is a member’s best opportunity to be part of the process, become informed and to provide valuable input from the member’s perspective, To be added to the Teams Invite please contact Anna Bahadar at

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