Update from Glynn Ross after a Year

Update from Glynn Ross after a Year

It has been one year since the accident involving E925 on 4th of July. Please see below message from Engineer Glynn Ross to his brothers and sisters of Local 493.


Good Afternoon,

I wanted to write everyone and give an update on my injuries and recovery. For those of you who don't know me my name is Glynn Ross and I was driving E925 last year on the 4th of July at the time of the accident. It has been a long road to recovery with lots of therapy. I ended up with a bunch of stitches in my head and ear, torn left shoulder, broken ribs, torn mcl and meniscus, as well as getting part of my left calf cut off with lacerations and lots of stitches. I just had my 4th and hopefully final surgery this year on my patella tendon on the left knee. While they were in there they found some more damage to the bone as well, removed part of it and put an anchor in there. I have spent countless hours in therapy and unfortunately have to start it over again due to the recent surgery I had a couple weeks back. 4 surgeries in one year is a lot and I thank everyone for the support, phone calls, texts etc. I truely believe we, as a crew, did everything right that day and accidents happen. We were driving code 3 and following all the rules to a T, and unfortunatly I got badly hurt. All I can hope for is everyone learn from this unavoidable accident and get better. If anyone has any questions or want to talk about the accident and the events leading up to, and after, please call me at 602-828-8762.

You can see a video about the incident along with the SQ44 accident made by the department by clicking here.

Thanks again for all the support

Glynn Ross, Engineer - E925A

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