Voting Results & Council Meeting

Voting Results & Council Meeting

This morning, we held the second of two membership meetings to vote on the Rescue Conversion Side Agreement language. We had 96 members cast a vote with 92 voting "Yes," 3 members voting "No," and an additional ballot marked with "I don’t care" written in and circled. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated. We will proceed with signing the side agreement in accordance with the direction provided by the membership.

Reminder that Bryan Willingham will be speaking at the formal city council meeting today at 2:30 pm. Bryan will be addressing the pressing need for more fire trucks, fire stations, and firefighters to better serve our community. If you're interested in watching the meeting, you can do so by accessing the link provided below. Navigate to the "Formal Council Meeting" for March 20 and click on the meeting link.

For those attending in person, I'll have some extra gold Fire Crisis shirts available. If you'd like to attend future meetings in person and show your support, feel free to stop by the union office anytime to pick up a Fire Crisis shirt from the boxes in my office.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Click Here to Watch City Council Meeting

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