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Cancer Prevention


The Phoenix Fire Department and United Phoenix Firefighters are acutely aware of the impact cancer has on our firefighters and the profession at large. In response, the Fire Chief and the Union President have empowered the Cancer RBO Committee to provide our members with critical resources. These include cancer prevention tools, early screening options, and access to the best available treatment options should a member be diagnosed. The committee is co-chaired by Deputy Chief Tim Jones and Local 493 Executive VP Ben Lindquist.

Our cancer resources are organized into three sections. You are currently on the Cancer Prevention Page. Other resources can be found on the Route 493 homepage by clicking here.

PFD & 493 Resources

  • Decon on a Fire Training Video
  • Nutritional Tips Document


    Additional Resources

    The resources below are not operated by, or endorsed, by Local 493 or the PFD. That said, we want our members to have access to as many resources as possible in their time of need.
      • Storm Stick Decon
        • A apparatus mounted device that helps decon firefighters at a fire. Developed by a Phoenix Firefighter.
      • FireWipes
        • A disposable wipe that helps decon firefighters at a fire by wiping off their skin. Developed by a Phoenix Firefighter.