Route 493 serves as a vital connection for Local 493 members, guiding them to the union support they need, especially in unfamiliar situations. Whether you're facing new challenges or seeking assistance, Route 493 ensures you always know where to turn for help. If the help below is not what you are looking for, click button below for the homepage with all help topics.

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I was injured at work

On Duty Injury

Brian Moore is the Local 493 VP of Member Benefits and can be reached at for specific questions that are not addressed below. 

First step: GET HELP

Do not

  • Human Resources Issues:
    • HR Director: Josh Hart - 480-628-2099
    • HR Representatives:
      • Chris Murphy - 602-228-9492
      • Matt Shields - 480-440-8494
  • Staffing/Assignment Concerns:
    • Operations Director: Tim Gammage Jr. - 602-317-5285
    • Operations Representative: Matt Shuaghnessy - 860-857-2351
  • EMS-Related Inquiries:
    • EMS Director: Gabe Orosco - 480-201-0294
    • EMS Representative: Marshal Zeable - 602-295-1033
  • Training Questions:
    • Training Director: Scott Crowley - 602-571-3982
    • Training Representative: Elliott Simmons - 520-251-2169

Most representatives outside of these designated Directors and Reps will likely need to consult with them for further guidance. It's best to start with these subject matter experts listed above.


 --- ERP ---

If you have been contacted regarding an ERP refusal, please immediately reach out to the Director or Rep assigned to your district. Our Directors and Representatives maintain constant communication to ensure consistency in handling these matters across all districts. Please contact the appropriate Director for your district:

  • North District: Josh Hart / Matt Shields
  • Central District: Tim West / Chris Murphy
  • East District: Gabe Orosco / Marshal Zeable
  • West District: Scott Crowley / Elliott Simmons
  • South District: Tim Gammage Jr. / Matt Shaughnessy

Our structure ensures that all members are treated fairly and consistently throughout the process.