Route 493 serves as a vital connection for Local 493 members, guiding them to the union support they need, especially in unfamiliar situations. Whether you're facing new challenges or seeking assistance, Route 493 ensures you always know where to turn for help. If the help below is not what you are looking for, click button below for the homepage with all help topics.

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Struggling Mentally

The Phoenix Fire Department and United Phoenix Firefighters recognize the profound impact that mental health issues can have on our firefighters and the profession as a whole. Firestrong, originally developed through the RBO process within the Phoenix Fire Department and Local 493, is now a nationally recognized resource dedicated to supporting firefighters with various needs, including mental health.

If you are experiencing mental health challenges, you might not have a name for what you're feeling, but you are certainly not alone. Importantly, all services provided by Firestrong are completely confidential and discrete—none of your interactions or information will be shared with your bosses or employers. By clicking here, you can access a network of Phoenix Firefighters and begin connecting with resources to aid your recovery. Remember, help is available at no cost and your privacy is our utmost priority. Don't hesitate to reach out.