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GLFK8 Socks and Freakers

GLFK8 Socks and Freakers

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Custom GLFK8 blue socks and Freakers with everyone's favorite partyin firefighter reppin the best party in town GLFK!  These custom socks were showcased at GLFK8!

Show your love for the good times with these custom GLFK8 mementos.

High quality adult sized socks, and a custom GLFK8 Freaker bottle / vessel cover, made in the USA by Freaker USA.

What is a Freaker you ask???  From the FreakerUSA website:
"The Freaker is a one-size-fits-all beverage insulator! What do those fancy words mean? Freakers keep your drinks cold, your hands dry, and they’ll fit anything you want to drink out of. 
Freakers will fit nearly ALL beer, wine and liquor bottles, Nalgene/ Hydroflask/ and other insulated coolers, baby bottles, basically if you can drink out of it and carry it around on a regular basis a Freaker will dress it up tite!!
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